Anxiety Attacks are Crippling You

Stop anxiety in its Tracks and Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Biofeedback Therapy for Anxiety and Panic in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Your body has been in fight or flight for years!

You feel nauseous and jittery as your chest tightens with building pressure.

Flushed and lightheaded, your hands suddenly break out in a cold sweat.

These sudden panic attacks can strike anytime.

Last month you had to excuse yourself from a dinner with your friends and collect yourself in your car.

The worst is when they happen for no apparent reason when just sitting at home watching tv.

Panic attacks feel exactly like heart attacks.

Even though your doctor told you that you’re NOT having a heart attack, it doesn’t make the attacks any less scary.

Your everyday life is becoming impossible.

It’s hard to stay focused at work; even going to the store can start a panic attack.

You’ve stopped socializing with friends and family; even the thought makes your hands clammy.

Dreading the things you used to enjoy is no way to live.

Your body is communicating to you.

Anxiety starts as a reasonable reaction to a problematic situation.  It’s keeping you safe.

However, without proper treatment, anxiety gradually worsens and keep you stuck in “fight or flight”.

Biofeedback gives you self-regulation techniques that reverse your body’s fight or flight response.

In our sessions, you’ll learn to interpret the messages your body is sending you and finally arm yourself with the skills to relax and calm your nervous system.

Say goodbye to anti-anxiety medications.

Feel confident at work and run your errands without a second thought.

Enjoy outings with friends and family once again, knowing you have the tools to manage any anxiety.

I’ll walk you through gentle techniques that effectively calm your nervous system in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Learn to control your reactions to stres without needing to “pop a pill”.

Take control back from panic attacks.

Don’t let anxiety rob any more enjoyment from your life.

You CAN do this without the expense and side effects of prescription medication.

A calm and confident future is waiting for you now.

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