Fibromyalgia is invisible but Hurts Everywhere

Relieve Your Pain with this Life-Changing Technique

Biofeedback Therapy for Chronic Pain
in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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Living with constant daily pain is not what you signed up for.

Each day you wake up with sore and tender muscles that ache no matter what you do.

By the afternoon, the headaches start, and no amount of coffee can cut through the fatigue.

You’ve started calling it “fibro fog” as you move through your life semi-blinded by the constant pain.

Occasionally you’ll have a “good” day, but you never know when that will be and it’s hard to plan your life around your symptoms.

The relentless pain makes sleeping impossible..

Night after night of “painsomnia” leaves you utterly exhausted.

You’ve considered medication, but the side effects and dangers are pretty scary.

This pain is dismantling your life. You can’t remember the last time you had the energy to do something fun.

You’ve missed so much work that you’re in danger of losing your job, which would be a disaster.

Biofeedback therapy gives you the keys to your nervous system.

Your first day in therapy includes a biofeedback physiological stress assessment that tells us where to start and what techniques will work for your body.

Learn to “down train” excess muscle tension in targeted muscle groups while monitoring the electrical activity in your muscles on a 32-inch color screen.

You’ll retrain pain management techniques in a comfortable recliner and a calming environment.

Experience real-time feedback as we monitor your respiration rate, heart rate, skin conductance, and hand temperature alongside your electrical muscle tension.

Gentle craniosacral therapy neutralizes the pain and calms the stress response.

Cranio-sacral therapy sessions are incorporated with the biofeedback treatment plan for soft tissue release in your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back.

This hands-on manual therapy can also relieve headaches while soothing your sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”).

Biofeedback therapy teaches you self-regulation skills to manage your pain symptoms for life.

Don’t let your chronic pain symptoms call the shots.

Take charge today of managing your pain with less medication.

You can live well and enjoy your life with pain taking a back seat.

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