You’re Utterly Exhausted and Still Can’t Sleep!

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Biofeedback therapy with CBT-I
in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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You dread another night of tossing and turning in sleepless frustration.

The fatigue is bone-deep, but your mind won’t shut down long enough to fall asleep.

You can’t get comfortable and toss and turn all night.

Looking at the clock, your mind incessantly calculates how little sleep you’re getting.

Your partner sleeps like a log next to you, and you think, “must be nice!”

Physical exhaustion from lack of sleep has you on the verge of tears.

It’s bad enough to feel like you have to drag yourself through physical fatigue all day, but chronic insomnia affects your ability to think clearly.

The exhaustion leaves you feeling irritable and constantly on edge.

You find yourself snapping at your family and almost ready to burst into tears with frustration.

Sleep medications leave you groggy for hours, and you’d prefer not to rely on drugs.

Calm your nervous system and quiet your mind.

Biofeedback therapy allows your nervous system to calm down and your muscles to relax in real-time.

As you release held tension, your sleep will improve immensely.

CBT-I is a clinically proven technique to reset your circadian rhythm and get your sleep back on a natural schedule

Learn the sleep hygiene behaviors that interfere with your sleep experience.

Wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

Getting adequate restorative sleep at night improves your physical health and immune system.

As you become rested, you’ll notice more vitality as you drop excess weight and have more energy.

Enjoy improved focus and concentration when you need it.
Experience joy and laughter as your mood rebalances and you have energy for the things you love.

Don’t suffer another night with chronic insomnia.

Insomnia robs you of the best parts of your life.

You deserve a good night’s sleep every night!

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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