Craniosacral Manual Therapy

“Nothing is so healing as the human touch.”
– Bobby Fischer

Relax and experience calmness.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle, hands-on therapy designed to decrease the arousal level of the sympathetic nervous system. I use this regularly with my chronic pain patients. I have found beautiful results when alternating biofeedback therapy sessions with craniosacral therapy sessions.

Craniosacral sessions will leave you incredibly relaxed and calm, and the biofeedback sessions teach you how to stay that way.

Craniosacral therapy is NOT a massage.

Throughout the process, you will remain fully dressed and lie on your back on an air mattress with your knees elevated on a wedge. Lights will be low, and the room’s temperature will be comfortable. We will start our session by discussing how you feel and what might be relevant for your treatment session that day.

Then, we will agree on what to play for your listening pleasure throughout the session. I prefer that we are not “chatting” after the hands-on portion starts. It is much more relaxing for you if we are not chatting, as well as allowing me to focus better on what I feel is going on with your soft tissues throughout your treatment.

I have several guided imagery choices on audio in the background. These are positive, constructive, relevant to what you seek from therapy, and specific to your diagnosis or symptoms. You also might prefer to hear guided imagery that leads you through a “happy place” designed for general relaxation. Some people like to listen to their choice of music, beach waves, nature’s sounds, etc.

The hands-on portion generally takes 45 minutes. Sometimes, after the session, I will use Kinesio tape on your neck, upper traps, or back if needed for extra relief of tight, painful muscles. You can wear the tape as you leave. The Kinesio tape helps decrease muscle tension and acts as a gentle postural correction for increased awareness of your muscles’ actions throughout the day.

Craniosacral therapy has many applications

I often use craniosacral therapy on people with little to no pain, but their anxiety is severe at the beginning of the session. Craniosacral therapy does a beautiful job of reversing your body out of the pain and stress response of “fight or flight.”

Sometimes, craniosacral therapy can help people with insomnia to quiet the mind and body and promote a better night’s sleep.

Because Craniosacral therapy is so gentle, it is very well tolerated by those suffering from severe chronic pain that may not otherwise be able to tolerate a traditional deep tissue massage. Many say they feel “like a noodle” after the session and are extremely calm and at ease.

Call me today to experience this calming and relaxing hands-on therapy.