In-Person Biofeedback Therapy

Everyone has a different stress response.

Humans are complex beings, not robots or cars. If something is malfunctioning, we cannot drop off the “broken” body part at a repair shop and come back next Tuesday to pick it up. We can’t reattach that part and magically fix your whole being, allowing it to work wonderfully again without any mindful engagement.

Mind and body have an intricate interconnection, and we are each uniquely and beautifully different. We are who we are at this moment in time because of the many layers of life experiences and our genetics, environment, etc.! As a result, ten different humans can perceive, feel, and integrate the same objective stimulus in ten different ways.

For example, if you were walking on the sidewalk and a stranger accidentally knocked into your arm with their purse or package they carried, there could be any number of reactions. One person may barely even notice and keep on moving. Another person may have an acute flare-up of their fibromyalgia that day, and this minor incident will send a wave of pain lasting for hours, leaving a bruise. Someone else may have anxiety or PTSD, and this incident will trigger intense emotions upsetting them for hours.

Biofeedback therapy addresses this complex interconnection between mind and body, allowing you to be mindfully engaged in all parts of the process. You will learn how YOUR body uniquely responds (physically) to external stressors and how to master the self-regulation techniques that will act like a “reset” button on your central nervous system to quiet your mind and body in the moment.

What happens in biofeedback therapy?

Your first day in biofeedback therapy is a two-hour appointment to allow enough time to discover what brought you to this point. We will review your answers to the questionnaires sent to you before our meeting and hook you up for the 20-minute biofeedback physiological stress assessment. Then, we will check your results, identify your goals and treatment plan, and start working on something by the end of day one.

The biofeedback room is calming and welcoming, with a comfortable recliner, low lights, and soft music playing in the background. There is a 32-inch color monitor for you to view in real-time how your body responds at the moment in terms of heart rate, respiration rate, sEMG muscle tension of facial and neck muscles, skin conductance, and hand temperature.

In your 60-minute follow-up treatment sessions, I will attach a monitor to you. This monitor will provide information on your central nervous system’s reactions to various activities associated with self-regulation techniques.

We will find the techniques that work best for your body, and you will learn to master these techniques effectively to reverse the pain and stress response as it’s happening.

Take control and reverse the pain and stress.

I offer individual biofeedback therapy for adults and motivated, mature adolescents.

Biofeedback is a fantastic option for people looking for a way to relieve chronic pain and anxiety symptoms with decreased reliance on medications.

You can learn techniques you will use forever to put yourself in the driver’s seat of managing your chronic health condition.

Call me today to learn to manage your symptoms with less medication!