Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the office located
201 Gateway Dr. Suite 300Beaver Dam, WI 53916

I am in private practice, leasing space inside Doctors of Physical Therapy. You will be walking into the Doctors of Physical Therapy clinic and see my name on the glass door as you enter “Mind Body OT, LLC.”

This office is in the Gateway Plaza building, in between Cute Nails salon and Edward Jones Investements. You can see this building from Hwy 151. Walmart and Menards are on the other side of the intersection.

Is your office handicap-accessible?
You will find a designated handicap-accessible parking spot right outside our door with no steps to enter the building. There are automatic doors and a handicap-accessible bathroom.
What are your office hours?
Therapy sessions are by appointment and occur Monday-Thursday starting at 7:00 AM.
How long is a typical session?
The first day is a two-hour appointment for initial evaluation, biofeedback physiological stress assessment, and to get you started working on a few things by the time you leave. All follow-up appointments are 60 minutes in length.
What do I do to get started?

Contact me through email ( or you can leave a voicemail or text message at (920) 382-6900. I do not answer my phone while in session with patients. I will call you back within 24 hours of reaching out for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if biofeedback suits you and schedule your first in-office session.

What is the fee for biofeedback sessions
Initial sessions are 2 hours for evaluation and treatment with a fee of $240. All follow-up treatment sessions are 60 minutes each with a fee of $120. Payment is due at time of service. Mind Body OT, LLC can accept cash, check, or credit cards, as well as Health Saving Account cards.
Do you accept insurance?
Mind Body OT, LLC accepts Medicare, however, only if Medicare is your primary insurance. We are unable to accept Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare replacement plans that are Commercial insurance companies. Mind Body OT, LLC is unable to accept or bill commercial insurance companies. We can provide receipts and Superbills for you to seek reimbursement from health savings accounts or if you have out-of-network benefits.
What is your cancellation policy?
Mind Body OT, LLC requires a 24-hour notice for cancellation in respect for therapist’s time and other patients that are waiting to get seen as well. If you are a “no-show” or cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, your credit card on file will receive a 50% charge of the hourly fee. Attendance frequency as determined at initial appointment is customized to you, individually, to optimally help you reach your goals.
What is the age range of your clients?
Mind Body OT, LLC treats patients from middle-school age to 100. It’s never too late to take charge of your health and start feeling better!
Do you offer “Zoom” or video sessions?
I offer these services only if necessary. I can still guide you through the therapy techniques face to face (on Zoom screens); however, this is NOT ideal, and we cannot benefit from using the actual biofeedback if you are not in the clinic with me.
Can I bring someone with me to the sessions?

Yes, you can! I have a second recliner for your friend or family member to sit and observe. Sometimes, it can be very beneficial to have a supportive person to help you remember the recommendations and encourage you!

Sorry, but please do not bring small children with you. It turns out to be way too distracting for you, and it will be a wasted session.

Can I bring something to drink with me to the sessions?
Yes! I encourage you to bring your water bottle or whatever floats your boat! ***Please do not bring food or snacks, however.
Can I bring my cell phone to my sessions?
Yes, you can. I encourage it because we may play with a couple of apps. However, please always keep your phone on silent mode!
What about COVID-19?

I clean my furniture and equipment between each session. Masks are optional. If you are wearing a mask, I will gladly wear one as well, at your request. I am fully vaccinated and boosted!