Urinary Incontinence

Laura’s bladder is getting out of control.

Laura* spends a fortune on incontinence pads and absorbent underwear. She orders online because getting her weekly supplies at the store is too embarrassing. The medication for overactive bladder leaves her with a “cotton mouth,” but she fears drinking more water because likely this will only trigger her bladder more often than it already is. She feels like she spends half her life in the bathroom.

At first, the leakage was rare, only occurring with heavy lifting or fits of coughing on a full bladder. But then leakage gradually started happening more frequently and in larger amounts, causing Laura to wear incontinence pads “just in case,” every time she left the house.

Now, Laura burns through at least four absorbent pads a day and usually has less than a one-minute warning to get to a bathroom before her bladder leaks. She knows where ALL the bathrooms are and plans her day with her bladder issues in mind to prepare for all situations.

Ignoring the issue is not the answer.

Laura’s doctor discussed the possible future need for surgery. Without trying other interventions, surgery would eventually be the only option. Bladder leakage gradually worsens with time if ignored.

The great news is that biofeedback therapy for pelvic floor rehab is very effective! Bladder leakage is an issue that affects all ages, not just something that happens only in “old age”! I have treated patients from 17 to 90 years of age for this issue.

It’s not uncommon to start noticing bladder leakage in women who are runners or high-impact exercisers (watch out for those burpees!), post-partum from childbirth, chronic cough, people who have very physical jobs that require a lot of bending and lifting, etc.

Let’s view the process used in biofeedback.

Biofeedback therapy for pelvic floor rehab uses an internal sEMG sensor to monitor pelvic floor muscles and external sensors to monitor abdominal muscle usage. *Don’t worry, nothing in biofeedback will be jolting or zapping you! Biofeedback provides real-time visual and auditory feedback as you master control of your pelvic floor muscles.

You will learn to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in sitting and standing positions while isolating the pelvic floor from abdominal co-contractions (“high-tech Kegels!), resulting in highly effective control. You will learn urge delay techniques that keep you dry until you can get to a bathroom.

We will discuss fluid intake, dietary factors, postural adaptations, and a home exercise program. This highly effective therapy for most people will allow you to avoid a surgical procedure.

Biofeedback can make a difference in your life!

Most people will see significant progress in an average of eight sessions spread out over 3-4 months. The skills you master require daily practice, forever. These skills are incredibly doable and worth it! Achieving your goals with this therapy brings such a sense of freedom and empowerment.

However, you cannot stop your daily maintenance at that point, or leakage will come back in a few weeks to months. Maintenance is quick and easy and will become part of your morning routine as an ingrained habit.

You CAN do this! Laura did great and no longer buys incontinence pads and was able to stop taking the bladder medication that gave her a dry mouth.

Have the confidence to drink and laugh with your friends without fear of leakage. You will master control of your pelvic floor muscles in any situation.

Call me today to get started on your path to freedom from bladder leakage! Biofeedback is an excellent alternative to either medication or surgery.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.